Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wise Words for Anaheim

Today's Collect, I think, is one for all to reflect upon as they start the work of the General Convention in Anaheim:

O God, you have taught us to keep all your commandments by loving you and our neighbor; Grant us grace of your Holy Spirit, that we may be devoted to you with our whole heart, and united to one another with pure affection; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

As Bishop Marc Andrus mentioned on Facebook, it IS possible for the Episcopal Church to do justice in the world through the Millenium Development Goals... tackling the ever-present problems of global poverty... AND commit to do justice on human rights when it comes to the LGBT community, recognizing that we have come to the end of this "season" of "gracious restraint". It is now time to celebrate, not separate, our presence in the Church.

All of this is possible, as +Andrus says, because of the endless love of God. All of this is possible through Jesus Christ, who came into the world to live, die, resurrect and ascend into heaven for the love of everyone. All of this CAN happen if we allow the Holy Spirit to guide and govern our actions.

We CAN do it. The real question is WILL we do it? Will we, or they who are meeting in Anaheim, have the courage to recognize that the Church exists for God... and not the other way around? Will they see that in order to truly be the people of God they must get quiet and listen for what the Spirit is saying to them?

I hope they do. I really hope they do.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they will recognize what has to be done at Anaheim. Time for the church to move forward.