Sunday, July 12, 2009

Deputies Make the First Move

So, Integrity is reporting that the House of Deputies has moved forward with a resolution of their own making... called D025... which has the following elements:

1. Reaffirm our commitment to the Anglican Communion
2. State our desire to remain in the highest degree of communion with other Anglican provinces
3. Pledge to participate in contributing to the Communion budget
4. Remind the church of the relationship values established in 2000-D039 (I admit, I don't know what this is).
5. Recognize the response of LGBT Episcopalians to God’s call to service
6. Affirm that God has called and may call partnered gay and lesbian people to any ordained ministry and that their call will be tested by the discernment process provided for in our canons
7. Acknowledge that we are not all of one mind about this

THREE-LEGGED STOOL had posted on this resolution Saturday, showing the language that was struck. It is a very straight-forward document now that much of the extraneous explanations and attempts at 'clarity' were eliminated. The vote was not close at all: the Laity accepted this resolution with a vote of 77 Yes 31 No... the clergy the same thing: 74 Yes 34 No. There were attempts to eliminate the LGBT element... or separate D025 into two different resolutions... an A and B, if you will. Point A would contain points 1-3 and Point B would have all the rest. All of those, which would have weakened the intent of what the Deputies were doing here, went down in defeat.

So, what were the Deputies doing here? From my perspective, they are attempting to find a way back from the dead end road B033 had put the Episcopal Church on in 2006. And they are trying to do it remaining mindful that not all the other members of the Anglican Communion are going to be happy with our acceptance of the LGBT community. But God's Holy Spirit has been calling more and more of us back into the Church... and we are being encouraged to bring our full selves into service. And part of that self is our identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. To ask us to check that part of ourselves at the door is simply un-Christian. While the apostle Paul is correct to say that in Christ there is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female and...logical extension... black or white... Anglo or Latin... straight or gay... the body of Christ does know that the feet are feet and the hands are hands. But the feet and hands are still part of that body, playing distinct and important roles. And each can be seen as equally valuable in the service of God, and being the stewards of creation.

And so, D025 moves along. But it must find approval from the Bishops, the purple-shirt gang who were the crafters of the troublesome B033. Will they allow for this resolution from the other house to, in effect, annul their rule adopted three years ago?

Stay tuned!

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