Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everybody Loves a FAMU Parade

One of the benefits of living in Tallahassee is that we are home to Florida A and M University and its spectacular band, the Marching 100. The Rattlers band has been invited to President Obama's Inaugural parade and they were the only band from the United States to play in France for the bicentennial in 1989 in Paris. They put on a show of not only music but dance. And the Alumni band, which marched ahead of them, still have what it takes to high-step and blow their horns. I couldn't hang out for the whole parade because I had another meeting this morning, but I didn't want to miss seeing the band... even in their practice suits. They're saving the full uniform for the game this afternoon against Norfolk State. Go Rattlers! Strike! Sssssssssssss.......
(PS: I am hoping that my alma mater does honorably in our Homecoming game today. We scheduled the Texas Longhorns. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Fight Tigers you will always win (ha-ha-ha) )


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I love the Rattlers.

Mizzou didn't do very well.


SCG said...

Mizzou didn't do very well.

That is the height of all understatements! And the fools have scheduled Oklahoma for next year's Homecoming!

frdougal said...

Ok, I confess I read this and thought "Eh?" It obviously refers to some American sporting endeavour: Football (as you call it), baseball or basketball (not ice hockey obviously - I imagine that isn't played near the Everglades). Enlighten me please!

SCG said...

So sorry to have left you in the dark, frdougal. :)

Indeed, this post is about the festivities that surround the very American event...called "Homecoming"
Homecoming is when all the alumni return to their alma mater to drink, and cook sausages on grills, and socialize before heading to the stadium for "the game". This happens every football weekend... however, the parade makes it "homecoming".

Traditionally... one schedules a "straw man" kind of opponent, so everybody can feel puffed up when the home team wins. Sadly, my alma mater was always the "straw man" in our conference... and now we feel it necessary to set ourselves up for failure by scheduling some of the best college football teams to play us for own Homecoming.
Oh, well. Our football cheer always was, "Oh, yeah?! Wait 'til basketball season!"