Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Ice is Melting in Fort Worth

I have no words, and I'm sitting here choking back tears at the news from the new and improved Diocese of Fort Worth: the diocese will finally have its first woman priest and rector.

Read the good news of the Good News coming to fruition HERE.

The story of Rev. Susan Slaughter's journey and discernment will feel familiar to some of you out there. Welcome the emerging spring in Fort Worth after your 33 year-long winter.

"Death is conquered, we are free;
Christ has won the victory."
--"He Has Risen", Hymn 180, 1982 Hymnal


textjunkie said...

yeah. Me too. :) Amen!!

Phoebe said...

Jack Iker's elevation to the episcopate was a serious mistake. His leaving the TEC was great blessing allowing Fort Worth finally to move forward. I give thanks for Susan Slaughter's faithfulness to her calling through as you define it.. the 33 year-long winter.
And yes, her journey while not the same as mine, feels very familiar. I have learned the pilgrim journey is never easy but the goal is worth it.

SCG said...

Agreed all! Especially that part about Jack Iker's presence in the episcopate. I'll add the names Duncan, Schofield... and it seems Lawrence, too!