Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peggins!

Today, the irrepressible Peggins (aka Mom) turned 83. Sadly, she is spending this birthday in a rehab clinic in New Hampshire. All accounts are that she is doing well, and will be able to go home on Tuesday. Trouble is, she is still in pain, and her surgeon has not cleared her to do any bending or twisting. The normally fiercely independent Peggins will need some help. Fortunately, the team of caregivers at the rehab hospital have done a home evaluation, made recommendations of what modifications will have to occur in the house, and will see to it that she and my older brother make use of the Meals on Wheels program.

So eat a piece of cake in her honor, and continue to hold her in your healing prayers.


Phoebe said...

Another June birthday in the Gage family..
Happy birthday to Peggins!

fr dougal said...

Happy birthday indeed - but it must have been a heck of a party to put her in rehab! See these auld yins!

Anonymous said...

Fr. Dougal and Phoebe: Thanks for your wishes. I am home and will get good care here. I have a good caregiver standing right over me now.
She has done my laundry and Ed is sitting right next to me watching all of this. I shall go to bed fairly soon after I take a nice warm shower.

I would rather watch the Sox play ball however, so we will see.

Love to all,

SCG said...

Welcome home, Peggins! You have much blog and email reading to do!