Monday, June 28, 2010

Rowan Williams: Party of One

It seems that things are just not going well for the man who is the wannabe Pope of the Anglican Communion. Between his "new Pentecost" that puts the Episcopal Church in the United States in perpetual "time-out", and the hopping mad schismatics who want to take their marbles and go off to their homophobic enclaves, the Archbishop appears to be becoming increasingly isolated and alone.
The latest "bad news" for him comes with the resignation of the Bishop of Iran from the Anglican Consultative Council. You can read the story from the Church of England news HERE.
I guess I'm wondering at what point will the Archbishop look around and realize that he is the only one sitting at the table? Will he continue to shove his Anglican Covenant on everybody?
We'll see.


Phoebe said...

And who will serve Pope Rowan?

Anonymous said...

Good comment Phoebe! I think that "Pope" Rowan is going to be all by his baby self.