Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gay Men Need Not Apply

The Church Times in England has picked up on a portion of the story from The Guardian and the leaked memo of the late Very Rev. Colin Slee.  Seems the House of Bishops in the Church of England examined the Archbishop of Canterbury's request for a legal opinion as to "How can we keep Jeffrey John from ever becoming a bishop?" The HoB came up with a checklist of extraordinary conditions for a celibate gay man like the popular Rev. John to answer when being discerned for the episcopate:

• whether the candidate had always complied with the Church’s teachings on same-sex sexual activity;

• whether he was in a civil partnership;

• whether he was in a continuing civil partnership with a person with whom he had had an earlier same-sex relationship;

• whether he had expressed repent­ance for any previous same-sex sexual activity; and

• whether (and to what extent) the appointment of the candidate would cause division and disunity within the diocese in question, the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion.”

In other words, the candidate must be a virgin, not unlike our Blessed Mother Mary, and be found to be without original sin.  And, for now, we're only concerned with gay men.   Lesbians--HA!   They have already committed the abomination of being women.  Sorry to all of you bisexuals and transgender types.  You are such a mind-blower that they haven't quite reached the concept that you exist.

We really should pray for the Church of England because this batch of purple-shirted blokes led by the bearded bully are leading their flock to the edges of irrelevance and obscurity for these modern times.   The hierarchy of the CoE absolutely refuses to join us in the 21st Century.  Or the 20th Century.  My goodness, do they still have their feet in ancient times?


Anonymous said...

Again, I am amazed at the Church of England and what is going on over there. Oh well, glad we had a Revolution.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Of course, the Blessed Mother didn´t remain a virgin and reproduced again-- yikes, what was going on there? Rowan is a dangerous ego-driven hypocrit who is FULLY aware he has well over TEN bigsexuals and homosexuals ALREADY in his House of Bishops-- The Archbishop of York is merely and rubber stamping despot (no doubt still in shock/fear from escaping alive from Idi Amin Dada). These men, and they are men, couldn´t be more cowardly if they tried...I see little trust in themselves or others.


SCG said...

Leonardo, I agree that the ABC is a hypocrite and a bully. I tend to question how much of a "man" he really is. Men, in my opinion, are comfortable in their own skins, and do not see things that are different... or reflective of the feminine energy that exists in God and in the cosmos... as something that has to be beaten into submission. That's "boy" behavior. Spoiled, tantrum-throwing, boy behavior. I think that's what Slee was reporting in his memo, and it clearly made him sick... just like the rest of us!

SCG said...

And, yeah--the BVM reportedly had another child... and there's questions as to whether she was a virgin any way. I'd say she failed their lithmus test, but--hey--she's a woman which would be an EPIC fail in the eyes of the bishops.