Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rowan Behaves Like A British Bully

We can make jokes about his runaway facial hair, and grit our teeth every time we hear the phrase "Anglican Covenant", but this latest reporting in The Guardian about shouting matches and crying during the selection process for the Bishop of Southwark is so outrageous that all I can do is pray that God will help this pathetic creature of the cloth because I have no ability to do so.  No human can touch him.  Because he is a bully.
Why do we want to be in Communion with a bully?

What the paper's reporter reveals is that for all that ++Rowan claims to be about a "listening process" and tries to be so genteel in his objections to elevating a gay person to bishop, truth is he is very passionately opposed to the presence of gay clergy or bishops.  

The account, which the Guardian published, is from the notes written by the late Very Rev. Colin Slee the dean of the Southwark Cathedral.   Rev. Slee highlights the screaming, the arm-twisting and the total hypocrisy of the higher-ups in the Church of England.

Read the article. Note that he screamed to the point of committee members starting to cry. He is out-of-line, and he should be out of a job.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

His Grace needs to now have the grace to let his resentments go and resign-- Rowan Williams has greatly harmed countless tens of thousands of his sister/brother Anglicans/others in The United Kingdom, Uganda, Nigeria, Jamaica and beyond...go with God or repent.

SCG said...

I couldn't agree more, Leonardo. He is two-faced and must be incredibly insecure to be this much of a bastard. Such people should not serve in leadership roles.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more. He is a disgrace to the Anglican Communion