Thursday, November 6, 2008

Could It Get Any Worse?

Yes, it can!
I was sitting at Lake Ella, trying to console my bruised soul with an iced mocha and my friend, Diana, giving me hugs and listening to me vent my frustrations with an election that was not as joyous for me as I was hoping. Passage of Amendment Two really did a number on me...and to hear that things weren't going well in California with Prop. 8...sigh.

Then..."she" showed up.
"She" was a power-walking middle-aged African-American woman, with a big smile, and a confident stride that said, "I want to talk to you!"

Unfortunately, she did.
And her mission was to make sure that I knew that Jesus was the way and the truth and the life. And she had a pamphlet that would explain it all to the words of one of country's great homophobes, Dr. James Dobson.

"Oh, honey, I really don't want this, thank you," I said, hoping that she would simply go on her way and leave me alone.

"Oh" her concern sooo sincere. "Are you not a Christian?"

Clearly, I must be because I didn't deck her for that one. But I could feel my body growing tense.
"Yes," I stated clearly, slowly, purposely. "I am a Christian. But I don't want that!" motioning to her pamphlets.

She looked at me with worry.

"Well, y'know, God loves all people..."

"Yes, he does."

"And he is the truth and the life and the way."

"Uh-huh, yeah."

"Have a blessed day!"


Once she was gone, I broke down in tears again. That was only the fifth time I'd cried, and it was only 1:30 in the afternoon. And I kept hearing the question, "Are you not a Christian?"

Yes, I am. Yes, I am. Yes, I am.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are and Yes we can, Susan.
This woman and the horrible James Dobson are not spreading the truth and never have and they will be taken care of over a period of time.

No more tears, we shall win this battle I am sure.


Tracie the Red said...

It's because of people like that I left Christianity. To be honest, I do wonder why people bother with it, when it is used to beat people over the head and make them feel like crap about themselves. It just doesn't seem all that edifying to me.

SCG said...

Welcome to tracie the red! I understand the frustration with "Christians"...which must always be put in quotes because they so often get "it" very, very wrong. The Bible is a book, not a bomb. The Gospel isn't a recipe for happy living; following Christ, to me, seems a challenge to move outside of myself to build a better world. The "Good News" is that even a poor sucker like me gets to come to God's party. There are no hidden clauses, or exceptions on that invite.
The problem with Christianity isn't Christ; it's his fan club.

SCG said...

MCG--I've stopped crying, for now.
Now, I'm just one pissed off dyke ready to rumble with the right-wing radicals who are trying to define me and my life.