Tuesday, November 4, 2008

While the Nation Cheers...

....I am glum. Not because of Obama; that's a good thing. It appears we will finally be out from under the tyranny of the GOPodpeople come January.

But what happens with the presidency isn't all that practically important to my every day life. Not the way state and local politics affects me. And apparently, Floridians are a frightened group of people, terrified that gay people are going to get---eeek----married!

As of 10:30pm....Amendment Two was passing with almost 63 percent of the vote. Words to describe the betrayl I am feeling escape me. Rumor has it, even "liberal" Leon County voted 56-percent in favor of this hateful amendment. 56-percent?! What's wrong with straight people?


Danielle said...

hey...don't hate on straights:) I sat shocked tonight at the news...still waiting on California...*sigh

Anonymous said...

My take is that the organizers for No on 2 really didn't know how to get their message across. For Leon County for example, I understand that not much was being done. At least when I was down there the work only started a few months before the vote, and the work should have been in the churches long before that. Also, I think that the word "marriage" still scares many straight people. Fools that they are.