Saturday, November 29, 2008

Promises, Promises

From today's online edition of The New York Times :

N.Y. Democrats May Skip Gay Marriage Vote

Published: November 28, 2008
ALBANY — After a pledge from New York Democratic leaders that their party would legalize same-sex marriage if they won control of the State Senate this year, money from gay rights supporters poured in from across the country, helping cinch a Democratic victory.
But now, party leaders have sent strong signals that they may not take up the issue during the 2009 legislative session. Some of them suggest it may be wise to wait until 2011 before considering it, in hopes that Democrats can pick up more Senate seats and Gov. David A. Paterson, a strong backer of gay rights, would then be safely into a second term.

The full article can be accessed here.

Just a word of warning to the New York State Democratic Party: if you do this, you will guarantee your certain destruction in the next election. Do not underestimate the ire that has been raised in the LGBT community post-November 4th. If you made a pledge to our community that you would fight for this right, you need to do as you said, particularly if you courted our votes and counted our cash in your campaign coffers. Lip service isn't going to cut it any more.
A similar circumstance occurred with the African-American community in Florida. Democrats, who had long taken the black vote for granted, were denying black leaders within the party a place at the top of the ladder in the state legislature. And the Republicans, crafty bunch that they are, seized the opportunity. They gained control through the redistricting process, and set about passing legislation that had long been stalled under good ol' boy Democrats, and did much to woo blacks into supporting Jeb! Bush. In 2002, the Democratic candidate for Governor was scheduled to be on several black radio talk shows on Election Day. But Bill McBride decided he wanted to sleep in rather than make one final push to persuade blacks to vote for him. And we had Jeb! for another four years!
So yeah, go ahead: break your campaign promise. I'm sure all the anti-gay bigots will be ready to fund your campaigns next time....NOT.

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Anonymous said...

You sure have this right. I am glad you grew up in a political family. You learned a great deal about the good and bad things politicians can do. Right on! I am glad you gave it to them.