Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And then there were four...

Last week, it was Iowa. Today, the Vermont state legislature up-ended the Governor's veto, and now Vermont becomes the fourth state in the union to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Adding to the new "flavor of the month"... the city council in Washington, D.C., voted unanimously to recognize marriage licences granted to same-sex couples from other jurisdictions. Welcome, then, all you queer married people of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and South Africa to our nation's capital.

And I hear Japan is thinking of jumping on board, too!

It would seem that this whole "legalize gay marriage" thing has become trendy. It's the "in" thing to do! It's not "Who are you wearing?" it's "who are you marrying?"

And... have you noticed: no plagues, no frogs, no locusts are overrunning any of those "queer-friendly locales. Guess the Westboro Baptist terrorist organization is wrong: God does NOT hate fags; he loves us! We make great guests at his party!

So, Florida, how's it feel to be increasingly seen as spiteful, and mean-spirited by my community... and our allies (who are growing)? How's that Amendment Two vote sitting with everyone? I'm sure the Yes2Marriage folks are still pleased with the evil they have injected into our constitution. And I know that the roaring lion is still on the prowl looking to devour those who aren't paying attention. But that lion is really a cockroach... and the more the lights get turned on in people's hearts, minds and souls to the correctness of marriage equality... the more that roach is going to scurry in a panic, looking for its trusted darkness. It is dark, still, in Florida, but it can not stay that way forever.

Until I see a change in the forecast, I will continue to refer to this place as "The Overcast State". I hope one day it will be, again, the Sunshine State.

In the meantime, God is working his purpose out as year succeeds to year.....

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Anonymous said...

And today in NH, the NH House added Transgenders to our Civil Rights laws by one vote, but it did it. Our over 300 member house.
They are amazing. The Senate will pass it I am sure and then our marriage bill may pass as well. Oh the OVERCAST STATE is sad.