Thursday, April 30, 2009

We Aren't Going Away Quietly

The Florida legislature has done it once again. They have managed to shirk taking any responsible action to improve the lives of the queer population of this state while making sure that they take down environmental protections... all in the name of "meeting the needs of the people of Florida".

Trouble is, they don't really meet the people's needs when they allow a conservation program like Florida Forever to be asterisked into oblivion. And they certainly aren't meeting the needs of the thousands of foster care children who await placement in a permanent home when they allow prejudical hold-overs from the Anita Bryant homophobe days to remain in the state statutes.

Several citizens are sick of seeing progress left behind in the name of profits for a few. And so, Impact Tallahassee, members of the Green Party, and other groups will be holding a New Orleans-style Jazz Funeral to mourn the death of Florida, again, at the hands of a murderous generation of state lawmakers. We'll be meeting at the Old State Capitol building at 6pm, with several caskets, and walking them around the House side of the Capitol complex... led by a "Grim Speaker"... into the Capitol courtyard where we will eulogize our beloved state.

It's street theatre.... to make a point: we're not going away quietly, and we will be back to demand that attention, attention must be paid to such issues!

Tell your friends! It should be a hoot!

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Anonymous said...

So that is what you were doing, painting coffins...Have a blast. You people are something else.