Friday, April 3, 2009

Jesus or Judas?

An update from the post I put up on Monday about the Passion Play.

After much goings-on which I was not a party to... I am now Jesus again.

This has been a most comical turn-of-events. I was asked to be Jesus on Sunday. Then, an email arrived in my box informing me that I was Judas. I noted that "Judas" was a woman at both services, which I didn't take as a malicious move, but rather a thoughtless one. Some few hours later, another email showed up: the man cast as Jesus at the 9am service would be out of town. So, the part was now up for grabs. Rather than email the entire list of people, I sent a message to the priest who'd asked me, and the "casting director" that I had thought I was supposed to be Jesus, but would play Judas if a female Jesus would seem a bit too strange. Another email came in from one of the guys saying he'd be willing to be Jesus. Seeing as how this guy has been with the parish awhile, and has recently been on the frontline of some difficult decisions, I thought, "Now, if there's anybody who SHOULD be Jesus, it's this guy!" I sent an email in support of casting him. And then I heard nothing.

When I went to pick up the script on Wednesday, I thought I would get clarification. I didn't. So, I figured the best course of action was to simply read through the whole thing... and prepare to play "Bystander" or some such thing as that!

But, today, the mystery has been solved... and I am, indeed, Jesus at the 9am service. We'll see what happens on Sunday. For now... I need to practice my Eloi, Eloi...

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Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake. Eloi, eloi, I guess you haven't been forsaken.

Let me know how it goes! This is crazy, crazy.

Only at St. John's.