Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lies and Marriage

I'm sure most of you have had the opportunity by now to see the National Organization for Marriage ad "Gathering Storm". And if you haven't seen the original, you might have seen some of the gazillion parodies that are popping up all over YouTube. For the record, I've written one as well for the Mickee Faust Club which I hope we will film in the next week.

This organization is promoting a message of hate wrapped in words such as "Rainbow Coalition" and "Message of Love". But these are not loving people. Just ask Massachusetts State Representative Angelo Puppolo of Springfield. Because Puppolo refused to get on the bandwagon of bigotry and overturn the decision of the Massachusetts Court legalizing same-sex marriage, NOM took out a billboard linking Puppolo with two names that would resonate deeply in the very Roman Catholic, patriotic Commonwealth: Judas and Benedict Arnold.

It didn't work. He is still in office. Thank you, voters of District 12 for seeing through the lies.

Now, on Facebook, a campaign is starting called "Straights for Gay Marriage". And I've been overwhelmed by how many of my straight friends are not only signing up, but also speaking out. And that's the key: straight people who don't get why gays and lesbians getting married threatens their rights MUST speak out! Because you are not seen as having "an agenda". I'm not asking you to march up down the street with a hand-painted sign, or even advocating that you give your money to any group in particular. But I am asking you to consider what is the real cost to you for saying, "Let's get over this nonsense about gay marriage."? What harm comes to you in telling the Pharaohs of our state legislature that continued discrimination against the LGBT community is WRONG?

I have said it over and over: nothing will ever change for the gay community until the straight community makes way for the change. All I, or any of my brothers and sisters can do, is demand our rights. But straight people are the ones who can give those rights. Please help.


Anonymous said...

I have given my statement and you know where I stand, and another good blog my dear. Hope it brings some replies.


SCG said...

Peggins: You've never been silent on this issue! And I can't wait to shoot our parody, and let you see that. It should be *very* funny.