Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ad Wars

Above is an ad for the Episcopal Church as put together by Reverend Susan Russell, past President of Integrity. It's her response to the ad the Episcopal Church ran in USA Today. Most of the blogosophere has been ripping the ad (which I shared here ) to pieces... noting it's dry, lacks graphics, and isn't compelling. And, looking at what others have come up with in its place, I have to say there are a whole lot of very creative people out there. I've always been partial to the button that I picked up on Facebook that has our Presiding Bishop and the phrase, "Don't Believe in Any of That Crap? Neither Do We!"

I agree that visually, the Church could have done a much better job. And I would say, living in a place where the Episcopal Church NEVER advertises itself in the newspaper in any way, this is at least a start. It clearly got the juices flowing in people! Good stuff showing the diversity of the People of God who call themselves Episcopalian. Visually showing the words that are in the Church's full-page print ad.

Perhaps bloggers ought to flood the offices of 815 with their "better ideas." I mean, the thoughts of the laity are supposedly taken seriously according to the original ad!


Phoebe said...

I read that the one in USA Today was to be the first of the series. When I first saw this one, I thought this was the next of the series. I was most impressed. I am all for your idea to flood 815 with lots of ideas like this one!

SCG said...

Good! I will likely post such a thought to these blogs where everyone is content to be perfect Episcopalians: namely, gripe about how they don't "like" whatever it is. :)