Friday, November 20, 2009

Do They Read USA Today at the Vatican?

If you turn to page 9A of the Nov. 20th edition of USA Today, you'll see the above ad which highlights all the reasons one might want to join the Episcopal Church. I can't help but find the humor in noting that "Episcopalians recognize that there is grace after divorce" and that "birth control" is a matter of "personal informed conscience." And any married OR celibate man OR woman may be ordained as a bishop, priest or deacon in the Church. Wouldn't it be fitting if all those Roman Catholic celibate men in the priesthood, angered by the incorporation of married Anglicans, would tell the Pope, "See ya!" In a sense, that's what Fr. Cutie did down in Miami.

The ad also sends a message to those crafting and clinging to the Anglican Covenant.. when it notes that, "Lay people exercise a vital role in the governance and ministry of our church." Not bishops only: laity=vital role. Sorry: it's not a purple shirts only club!
I wonder if USA Today has kiosks outside of Lambeth Palace or in Vatican City? Probably best that they not read such stuff coming out of us uppity Yanks with our "respect the dignity of all people" garbage. What sort of hippy-dippy flower child came up with THAT language?
It is timely for the Church to prepare this kind of publicity for all parishes and dioceses to use in their local media. Especially at this time of realignments, papal invites to whole dioceses, and announcements from disaffected ELCA members that are so angered by the Lutherans decision to accept LGBT clergy that--guess what-- they're going to break away and start another Evangelical Lutheran Church where they tell everyone that gay people are icky, gross and have cooties.
Has it ever occurred to any of these schismatics how absurd it is to start a church based on who you want to keep OUT?
Oh, by the way, if you didn't get the Friday USA Today, don't worry: The Friday edition stays on the stands all weekend, so there is PLENTY of opportunity for people to buy, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest page 9A!


Phoebe said...

Or they can go to the Market at St. John's and see the ad posted in a number of prominent places, and places where they can pick up a copy of the ad to study at home!

SCG said...

I think it's fantastic that you did that, Phoebe! Next, let's download the ad and have the Episcopal Churches buy space in some publications (Branching Out, for instance...)