Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Voice Cries in the Wilderness

Over at CHANGING ATTITUDE, there are a series of posts from a blog written by a Uganda gay man who uses the name "Gug". We don't see his face, but when you read his words, you can sense the level of anger and betrayal he feels, and his humanity. Imagine living in a country that, up to a few years ago, was content with pretending you didn't exist. And then, at the encouragement of "christian" leaders, began a campaign of fear and hatred against this supposedly "invisible" enemy called the "Gay Ugandan". On the one hand, these officials refused to accept that there is such a person (absurd, yes; but there you have it). But then, with the encouragement of western homophobes especially the schismatics of the Episcopal Church and fired-up evangelical preachers, they wanted a pogrom to purge themselves of homosexuality in Uganda.

Caught in the cross-fire of all this are the real people like Gug. THINKING ANGLICANS has quick links to Gug's posts. But I particularly wanted to share this one because it shows the damage done by a church that purports to uphold the ethics of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And while Gug's story is about being a Ugandan Anglican, it gives insight into why LGBT people in this country are so hostile to Christianity. The level of spiritual violence experienced by Gug mirrors what some in the United States have experienced in their own lives and places of worship. And it behooves ALL bishops, priests, and other ministers whom we pray for each week to answer those prayers by working toward ending the hypocrisy of preaching "Love God and thy neighbor"... and then supporting rules and laws in the church and state that create inequality for LGBT people.

To Archbishop Orombi, I say it is high time for you to repent of your wickedness. Gug's story tells me one thing about you: there is a millstone around your neck that only grows heavier the more you and others of your ilk continue to persecute queer Christians, and drive them away from a God who wants nothing more than for them to come home and eat at the banquet of eternal life.

Prayers ascending for Gug and his fellow brothers and sisters in Uganda.


Anonymous said...

I send prayers along with you, Susan and honest to God what has happened to Uganda?


SCG said...

It's tragic.

textjunkie said...

Amen to that!!

Lucinda Hughes said...

Oh, how my heart aches. How ashamed I am that the church stretches it's hatred internationally. I too am praying for God's children in Uganda and everywhere in the world. May there be justice. May there by mercy. May love prevail.Amen.

SCG said...


Welcome, although this particular post is a sad one in which to make contact.
I'll be putting up information about a Day of Prayer for Uganda scheduled for next week.

Peace be with you and the people of Uganda.