Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Birthday...some pictures

I am awaiting the photos that were taken by friends at my birthday party Saturday night. When they arrive, I will share. I know Gena took a really nice one of the Tiger on parade. These are some pictures I took of my "creative arts". Since this party was doubling as a fundraiser for noble queer causes (Queer As Faust, PFLAG-Tallahassee, and Integrity Uganda), and I had developed a silly survey on my invitation that at least 38 people filled out... I wanted to award my guests with some prizes. So... as an example... to those who answered my question about "What's the most pressing question facing the LGBT community today?", I drew the names of five people at the party... and they each received their very own "Do Ask, Do Tell" rainbow army!

The other exciting moment of the evening was the parading of my Chinese New Year tribute... my paper mache tiger head... or as I call it "The Tiger Dragon". Here's documentation of the effort.... before I attached the long red train, and gave the eyes some more color.

But probably the most important element of the party were the people, my friends, who joined with me to celebrate the day of my birth (even if we were doing it a little earlier than the actual Valentine's Day). A couple I knew years ago just happened to be in town, having escaped the snow in DC, and threw lots of party energy into the room... and another former Tallahassee couple actually drove over from Jacksonville to take part in my fundraising fete. And as I looked around the room at one moment, I was reminded of the time in my trauma training class in massage school when everybody put their hands on my back and I was to lean back and let them hold me. It was the most awesome feeling of support I'd experienced. And seeing so many faces in the room smiling and laughing and having fun, I appreciated again not only the feeling of support, but the feeling of love... an incarnated love... in the room.
My fundraising was a success, too! Altogether, my friends offered $1,100 for my three charitable causes. Not bad for 40 people... many of them with the same limited financial resources that I have! Truly, a marvelous occassion. Happy Birthday to me!


Phoebe said...

For those of us who attended and were given an opportunity to support good causes.. it was a double pleasure. And for all who receive the support.. it will extend the very best wishes. So many benefitted from your birthday!

SCG said...

Thanks, Phoebe. That makes me happy!